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JRSBRT 3.4, p. 315-323


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Feasibility, detectability and clinical experience with platinum fiducial seeds for MRI/CT fusion and real-time tumor tracking during CyberKnife® stereotactic ablative radiotherapy
Vimoj J. Nair, Janos Szanto, Eric Vandervoort, Elizabeth Henderson, Leonard Avruch, Shawn Malone and Jason R. Pantarotto

Background and Purpose: The purpose of this study is to review our experience with platinum fiducials in terms of feasibility of placement and detectability by both MRI and orthogonal x-ray images used in robotic SABR.

Materials and Methods: 29 consecutive SABR patients (30 tumors) treated using fiducial tracking between January 2011 and February 2012 were reviewed. A total of 108 fiducials implanted in or around various tumor sites were identified. The pixel value contrast (PVC) of fiducials seen on MRI mages and treatment unit x-ray images of patients and phantoms were analysed.

Results: Migration rates were similar for PS versus GS and GC (6.2%). No difference was noted between the mean PVC in cirrhotic versus non-cirrhotic liver (60.4 vs. 47.9; p = 0.074). MRI sequences for tumors in the liver and other organs revealed a mean PVC for platinum superior to that of gold (p<0.001). No PVC difference was seen between gold and platinum on analysis of the treatment unit x-rays.

Conclusion: Platinum seeds provide a superior detectability in comparison to gold seeds or coils on MRI images and are detected equally well by an image guidance system using orthogonal x-rays, making them a better choice for fiducial-based CT-MRI registration.

Keywords: stereotactic radiotherapy, CyberKnife, realtime tumor tracking, platinum fiducial

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